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1. Cling Film Wrapper :

DESCRIPTION For plastic wraps and PVC films
The film is stored inside the machine, keeping it clean anywhere.
MACHINE SIZE 504×450×200mm
HOT PLATE SIZE 375×122mm

Product Features

HACCP compatible products
Compatible with various plastic wraps and the PVC,PE films of all manufacturers
Suitable for film up to maximum width of 500mm
Made of anti-rust, durable Al-Zn alloy coated steel
The temperature can be precisely adjusted with the electronic thermostat to save energy.
When the temperature is 0, there is no heating.
The hot plate is embossed and processed with a special coating to keep it clean and hygienic at all times!
Made in Japan, No. 1 seller in the market!
Maintenance is simple and easy, requiring just 1 screwdriver
B-45PN film storage type: keeps film clean anywhere
U-45PN open film type: makes installation easy
Our plastic wrap machines are widely popular among supermarkets and food packaging factories.


2. Ultrasonic Mini Welder :

You can weld by ultrasonic vibration easily, it's safe because no use needle.
We have 2 models as below:

Quppa Ultrasonic Mini Welder - Made in Japan
This form is the result that is pursued usability.
It is equipped empty operation system.
It is evolved easily and soundly.
It is not only for food business, but also...
You can see infinity possibility in ultrasonic mini welder.
Quppa Industrial Design.
1. Ergonomic Design Grip. 2. The Hand piece is able to be fixed on the main unit with magnets and holder. 3. Not slip easily with high coefficient of friction rubber. 4. The Jack guard against dust. 5. Ac Adapter is
for 100V - 240V
It is a design improved based on the opinion of the user. "QUPPA"


3. Vacuum Sealer "Qutarou"
This is semi-automatic type vacuum sealer. Easy to operate, and can keep vacuum.

This machine have been commandingan outstanding sales and are superior to any similar machines on the market as the structure for not only household use but also businessfield.
The impulse sealing system is utilized so there is no warm-up time needed.
Brand Name:ASPAL
Model Number:KYUTARO AS-V-001
Type:Vacuum Packing Machine
Packaging Material:Food, Screw, Electric parts, Jewelry, Wool clothes Automatic Grade:Automatic
Power:220v 50/60HZ 150w
Packaging Type:Carton
Driven Type:Electric
Vacuum Capacity:-60Kpa/50HZ -45Kpa/60HZ
Length of Seal:275mm
Seal Width:4mm
Size:W380xD180xH80 mm
Net Weigth:3.8kg

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