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1. Insect Catcher (Mushipon series)
Still now many people use Insect Killer,
but it is unclean and just noisy.
And it is only to kill insect, more than anything.
Insect Catcher is clean and not noisy
because it uses adhesive tape.

And you can analyze invading route.
After it, you can keep clean in your important zone.


Product Description :
Convenient and simple device,you can use the power switch on.
Setting method variable,flat swing,wall,hanging can be arbitrary.
Novelty fashion,put place for all kinds of places.

Product Features :
The light can be adjusted via the revolving panels (under registration).
The photocatalyst can remove undesirable odors, kill bacteria and attract mosquitoes (patent applied).
The frequency converter can enhance brightness and reduce electricity consumption.
It is designed for household use and can be hung, placed horizontally/vertically or suspended.
It does not use drugs to kill insects.
It can be placed anywhere and in any way that fit your interior decoration.

Technical Specification :

Product Mushi Police
SIZE(L X W X H) 331×128×114(mm)

Sample of Application :

Bakery Restaurant - On Wall
Restaurant - Hanging Kitchen
Trapped in Tape Tape Replacement


2. Mushipon Insect-Catching Tapes

Mushipon insect-catching paper
is made of resin suitable for catching insects.
Compared with the ordinary stripping paper,
the catching ability is double.

*Product comparison inside the Company.
Investigation by Japan Environmental Sanitation Center.



Product Specification :

Product Mushipon Insect-catching Tapes
Description No harmful substances; safe to use
Easy to store and install
Strong adhesive power makes catching insects of any size easy.


Our Special Adhesive features
After pulling a special adhesive tape out from a cartridge, you can use 30 months.
However, other adhesive tapes can't keep adhesive force, as it needs a change.
It can be kept for 5 years if it is in a cartridge.
It never get dry at the temperature from 0℃ to 50℃. (Insects can't fly under 0℃.)
Other adhesive tapes get dry at a low temperature, and melt at a high temperature.
As special adhesive medicine is put on both side, the effect to catch insects is twice than others.
Other adhesive medicine is put on one side only.
As there is section lines at 5cm intervals, it is useful to count caught insects.
It's safety that a special adhesive tape doesn't include harmful material.


We have various types of insect catcher.
Please be free to contact us if you require.

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